Meet Marc Gromis, Esq.

An attorney at law for more than thirty years, primarily serving as a federal prosecutor in Buffalo, NY with the United States Department of Justice.
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Whether your need for legal assistance involves personal, business, or governmental matters, we can provide the services you need. Contact us today and let us bring our experience to the table to assist you.

Business Ownership

Building brands and protecting intellectual property, real estate, land use, zoning issues, employment issues, banking and taxation issues, and so much more.
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Regulatory Compliance

Packaging and labeling, testing, marketing and advertising issues, recordkeeping and retention, compliance with U.S. Food and Drug laws and regulations.
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Advising local officials on state statutes and regulations, assistance with local ordinance drafting, state legislative and regulatory drafting.
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Criminal Defense

Representation in response to filed charges, criminal investigations and/or subpoenas. Consultation with prosecutors and government investigators on several matters.
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Medical and Recreational Marijuana

We offer a variety of services to assist you with new laws and regulations We have entered into a new era concerning marijuana usage. Medical marijuana is just the beginning of a new business emerging around medical marijuana. We specialize in assisting you in compliance with federal and/or New York state medical cannabis laws and regulations including:
  • Applications to be a registered organization
  • Manufacturing
  • Security and transport rules
  • Testing, Packaging and labeling
  • Cannabis brands and THC/CBD ratios
  • Methods of administration and dosage issues
  • Dispensary requirements
  • Marketing and Advertising issues
  • Recordkeeping and retention
  • Compliance with U.S. Food and Drug laws

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